Thousands of subcontracted cafeteria workers, janitors, security officers, shuttle drivers, groundskeepers, and other service workers — predominantly immigrants, people of color, and women— are employed in Google offices across the U.S. They have acutely felt the Trump administration’s repeated attacks on them and their friends and families. For these individuals, calls to take action on May Day resonate with growing urgency.

As detailed in an April 13 BuzzFeed article, Google has supported its direct employees’ right to protest. Now, these tech workers are joining with low-wage subcontracted workers to call on industry leaders to protect all tech workers by taking strong positions against anti-immigrant and anti-worker federal policies.

UNITE HERE has joined over 40 other immigrant-, tech equality and workers’ rights organizations in signing open letter to Google, calling on that company to respect workers’ wishes to participate in May Day actions.

In addition, delegations are taking place throughout the week of April 10 to Google offices across the U.S., including Boston, Atlanta, Ann Arbor, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C.