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As the union of hospitality workers, immigrants are the backbone of our Union.

Past and present, immigrant workers have been at the center of our Union’s efforts to end poverty and change lives—from over 100 years ago, when our immigrant founders led the historic Bread and Roses strike, to today, when our immigrant members lead campaigns taking on some of the world’s most powerful billionaires and institutions.

As the Trump agenda continues its attacks on immigrant communities and working people everywhere, UNITE HERE will continue building a movement to enable people of all backgrounds to achieve greater equality and opportunity.

We must stand with our sisters and brothers from immigrant communities, raise our voices and flex our muscles to show our power across the nation. And our union UNITE HERE will not stop fighting until all working people can live in dignity.

–UNITE HERE VP of Immigration, Civil Rights and Diversity, Maria Elena Durazo


We all have rights when it comes to dealing with police or ICE. Learn how to best protect yourself and your family before you’re stopped or detained. Legal Disclaimer: The information in this video is not intended as legal advice. For more information, contact an attorney or immigrant support organization in your area.