Earlier this year, 25 Republican attorneys general filed a lawsuit to block DAPA and expanded DACA from ever being implemented. A Texas judge entered a preliminary injunction, preventing the federal government from accepting applications for DAPA and expanded DACA. Combined, these two programs would offer work authorization and relief from deportation to five million immigrants.

On May 26, 2015, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the most conservative courts in the nation, denied the federal government’s request to stop that injunction from taking effect.

This was NOT a decision to permanently block DAPA and DACA. Rather, the court denied the federal government’s request to accept applications while the legality of the programs is decided.

What happens next?

In early July, 2015, the Court of Appeals will next decide the federal government’s appeal from the preliminary injunction. After that, the Supreme Court could decide to hear the case.

Most analysts believe that the President has the legal authority to initiate DAPA and expanded DACA. But no one knows how long the legal process will take.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take part in public actions for immigration reform. Don’t wait for the courts to act! We know we have justice on our side, and that we achieve nothing without a fight. Check this page regularly for news about upcoming actions.