As the union of hospitality workers, we know that the industry couldn’t function without immigrant labor. Millions of immigrant workers serve our country and the hospitality industry everyday as housekeepers, cooks, food preparers and servers, airport workers, dishwashers and beyond.

That’s why our Union has fought to ensure that immigrant workers are treated with respect and have rights on the job. Regardless of your legal status, you have protections in this country when you are covered by a union contract.

Here are some of the safeguards our immigrant members enjoy through the strong contract language many of our locals have won in bargaining:

  • Employers can’t discriminate against a worker because of their national origin, immigration status, or in the event their work authorization changes.
  • Workers get a paid holiday to attend their citizenship swearing-in ceremony without losing compensation for that time off.
  • Employers contribute to a joint fund with workers for legal assistance on immigration and naturalization proceedings.
  • Workers are protected from employers using an authorization check like E-Verify, unless required by law.
  • If a worker is fired or resigns because of an issue in their work authorization, they get 12 months to provide proof of work authorization for immediate rehire without loss of seniority.
  • Employers must contact the Union immediately in the event of an inquiry into a worker from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • The employers are also expected to refuse ICE agents entrance to the workplace or inspection of worker documents without a valid judicial warrant, granting undocumented workers relief from fear of raids.

In light of President Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration, our Union is doubling down in its efforts to protect immigrant workers. We’re calling on employers to join us to:

  • Make our workplaces safe for all by keeping ICE out unless they have a judicial warrant
  • Reject registries of people living in the United States and Muslim travel bans
  • Provide access to employees to “Know Your Rights” programs and other legal assistance
  • Join hundreds of companies that have taken action to oppose attacks on immigrants and support comprehensive immigration reform